Thursday, May 26, 2005


The 25 May "eve of AUT special conference" meeting

The anti-boycott meeting of 25 May in London is reported here, in roundabout but perhaps instructive fashion, by way of reproducing a protest against the meeting from Charlie Pottins (who was one of the pro-boycott leafleters at the AUT special conference on 26 May) and a response by Martin Thomas.

Hi Charlie,

I've had a copy of your email about tonight's meeting against the academic boycott of Israel forwarded to me.

You start off by indicating that you oppose "all-out boycott" of Israel. The pro-boycott campaigners make absolutely no secret of it - see their website,, for example - that they favour such all-out boycott, and have proposed the selective boycott of Haifa and Bar-Ilan universities as only the first step.

You also say that you understand that socialists and friends of the Palestinian cause see the "selective" boycott as wrong and counterproductive. (Part of the reason why, of course, is that we see that the "selective" boycott can only get adopted by applying criteria to Israeli universities applied to no other universities in the world, and thus makes no sense except as a lead-in to all-out boycott).

But then - by way of all sorts of matters irrelevant to this evening's meeting - you arrive at the conclusion that the meeting was tantamount to an "'emergency' meeting to which we invite the bosses' representatives to mobilise against a strike!"


You weren't at the meeting, so you won't know what was said there. Both Dave Hirsh (speaking in place of Jon Pike) and Sean Matgamna, from the platform, and others like Camila Bassi from the floor, coupled their opposition to the boycott with outspoken support for Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories and for the right of the Palestinians to a state of their own.

I can't guarantee that everyone in the meeting agreed 100% - but for sure no-one challenged that position.

Some of the motions to the AUT special conference simply oppose the boycott. Many of them, including those directly promoted by Jon Pike and Dave Hirsh, call for Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories and the right of the Palestinians to a state of their own.

Of the Israeli academics present at the meeting, all expressed general assent with what Dave Hirsh and Sean Matgamna had said, and one declared herself a strong opponent of the Israeli government.

The meeting was held as on the eve of the AUT special conference, for which all the delegates are now elected, and in solidarity with the almost-certain decision of that conference to overturn the boycott. In no way could it be considered anti-union.

Was the boycott analogous to a strike? If so, a strike against whom? Not employers, but other employees - the AUT membership's analogues in Israel. And where do the "bosses' representatives" come in? The British university bosses were not at the meeting, nor for that matter have they expressed any great worry about the boycott decision!

Is your view really that once the AUT - by a snap vote, without any debate - had decided on the boycott, it was a matter of principle to support it?

Much of the rest of what you write seems to me irrelevant, and a great deal of it, especially as regards Galloway, is covered by the maxim that our enemy's enemy is not necessarily our friend.

I should say, though, that on first hearing of the boycott controversy - before the regular AUT conference - I phoned and emailed Sue Blackwell to offer her space to present her views in our paper Solidarity. She refused. We asked Steven Rose to come and debate the issue at our summer school in July. He refused. We still presented their views in Solidarity, by way of material from their website,, and a statement (drawn from that website) which Steven Rose supplied us with.

Both Sue Blackwell and Steven Rose gave, as their reason for refusing debate, that AWL is firmly and actively against the boycott. That is true, of course. Has been true for many years. Even back in the 1970s, when we still had a "single secular democratic state" policy on Israel/Palestine, we denounced the decision by the National Union of Students at that time to equate Zionism with racism (thus indicating that "Zionists" should be boycotted in the same way as racists). But isn't debate about confronting different ideas? What can it mean to refuse debate with anyone who firmly disagrees with you? That you debate only with those who agree with you? Or only with those who are unsure? Or only those who differ by no more than small shades and nuances?

As for what you write about "witch-hunts", I think there is some over-dramatisation. No doubt the prominent figures on both sides of the boycott debate have made themselves very unpopular with lots of people on the other side. But Sue Blackwell and Steven Rose have received lavish and rather favourable coverage from media like the Guardian and the BBC. See, for example. The only people who have been substantively "witch-hunted" in this business so far are people like Miriam Shlesinger, an Israeli peace and Amnesty International activist removed from the editorial board of an academic journal just for being Israeli.

Best wishes,


*********************************** wrote:


Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 07:57:16 EDT

Subject: AWL has gone too far - a personal view

The Alliance for Workers Liberty is holding a meeting tonight against the boycott of Israeli universities.

Mark Osborn of the AWL asked me if I would help circulate this to members of the Jewish Socialists' Group. (I am on the JSG's national committee and responsible for a Members Bulletin). I told him that the JSG has already adopted a policy on the boycott, and that I would not be encouraging members to attend the AWL's meeting.

(Incidentally, I only received the notice last night, and so far as I am aware AWL has made no previous attempt to discuss this issue with the JSG. So it does not even rate as serious fishing!)

I want to add some remarks about this.

There has been and will doubtless continue a perfectly reasonable discussion among socialists, trade unionists and peace campaigners etc concerning the boycott tactic, whether it is justified against Israeli academic institutions, or useful, and how it should be applied. Having opposed the all-out boycotts proposed by some people, and called for "smart" targetting, I welcomed the AUT resolutions as the right step, but I can appreciate that others, including fellow-JSG members and other socialists, and Israeli

friends like Reuven Kaminer and Avraham Oz disagree. They deserve respect. A continuing discussion is in order, and continuing collaboration regardless of whether we sometimes disagree. But this meeting called by AWL is not such a forum for comrades. How can it be a "forum to discuss key issues" when it states beforehand "Against the boycott"?

What is left to discuss - how to defeat the boycott, or continue the witch-hunt against those proposing the boycott in the AUT?

It is being called as an "Emergency" on the eve of an AUT recall conference forced by boycott opponents, some of whom oppose the right of the union to take any principled stand. (They say calling for solidarity with Palestinians goes beyond the union's stated objects of defending member's interests. Today it is the Palestinians whose rights are to be ignored. Tomorrow the same argument for narrow-mindedness could be used against solidarity with other people being persecuted - for instance Jews).

The speakers advertised don't look like people who have come to discuss the best ways of showing solidarity with the Palestinians.

Jon Pike, who is billed to speak, has been leading the demand for recall. Engage has been carrying statements on its website smearing boycott supporters as "antisemitic", and appealing to people with no previous interest in the union to join just so they assist in the boycott's defeat.

Who are the unnamed speakers from Haifa and Bar Ilan who have been flown in?

(by whom we don't know but it isn't the peace camp and we'd guess it isn't the AWL that is paying their bills).

Prominent Israeli campaigners like Uri Avneri and Tom Segev have said the boycott on Bar Ilan is well justified and was brought on itself. (this is the University that works with West Bank settlers and the miklitary, and was incidentally alma mater to the assassin of Yitzhak Rabin!)

Haifa University is currently hosting a conference on Israel's "demographic problem" (meaning too many Arab kids). It previously earned notoriety for stripping a student of his doctorate because his thesis on a 1948 massacre upset politicians. OK, it also has many Arab students, and some decent progressive staff. But instead of arguing its case against the boycott with AUT members, Haifa University has gone to the lawyers to threaten the union. How can you have an honest discussion in such circumstance?

The smear campaign and hate mail against Sue Blackwell has been unremitting. It did not start with the AUT boycott resolution, but with her earlier "crime" of running a pro-Palestinian website which the UJS and Zionist lobby wanted silenced. The Israeli government's supporters wanted Sue's employers at Birmingham University to act against her, and boasted of the pressure they were exercising to get her out. Relying on spurious "associations", the UJS has presented misleading and false information about her to a parliamentary committee. Not the first time incidentally that the Zionist-run union has given duff information to MPs.

The AWL's members know Sue Blackwell not only as a trade unionist but a genuine socialist and anti-racist with whom they shared membership in the Socialist Alliance and its Democratic Platform group. Sue challenged the SWP in the Stop the War Coalition over its accomodation to political Islamicists, and her website includes a section exposing antisemites and Nazis trying to masquerade as "anti-Zionists" and friends of the Palestinian cause. She has exposed Israel Shamir and broken website links to his co-thinkers, including Gilad Atzman after he attacked Jewish comrades active here.

Whatever genuine tactical disagreements take place among socialists and supporters of Palestinian rights and a just peace, they should take second place to the need for solidarity with the Palestinian people and students, and against supporters of Israeli Zionist repression and reactionary smears.

Among trades unionists, though not perhaps some of those who have only recently wakened to interest in the AUT, it is well understood that whatever disagreements we have to discuss among ourselves on tactics and whether to take action, we defend each other against witch-hunts and victimisation, we don't support lawsuits against our union to prevent it taking a stand, and we don't call "emergency" meetings to which we invite the bosses' representatives to mobilise against a strike!

Unfortunately, what seems basic principle to us seems unimportant or alien to the AWL. Many of us have our doubts and criticism of George Galloway MP and his party Respect, but were happy to see him shaking New Labour, and telling the US Senate where to go. To read the AWL's propaganda you'd think the biggest enemy for socialists in Britain was Galloway, not Blair.

Many of us support Iraqi trade unionists and oppose the military and economic occupation of Iraq. In the Stop the War Coalition, in our unions, and groups like Iraq Occupation Focus, we work to unite British and Iraqi workers in one struggle against corporate interests and imperialist war. But AWL has sought to separate union rights from the political struggle against occupation, and a leading AWL member said he would happily collaborate with the pro-occupation Labour Friends of Iraq. I don't know whether all AWL members realise or go along with their leaders in all of this. I hope not. But while it is up to them to sort out where they stand, the rest of us must firmly draw the line.

Charlie Pottins

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