Thursday, June 29, 2006


Stop the assault on Gaza and Lebanon!

Stop the Israeli assault on Gaza and Lebanon!
Download leaflet.
Protest, Friday 28 July, outside the Israeli Embassy in London

17:30 to 18:30 High St Kensington, opposite the junction with Kensington Palace Gardens. (High St Kensington Tube)
Israel out of the West Bank and Gaza!
Two nations, two states!
No to Israeli state terror, no to Islamist terrorism!
Called by the Committee for Two States.

I think the "assault on Gaza" is wrong tactically and morally. However, I would not be part of your demonstration, because I don't see the moral equivalency between Israel's actions and Hamas's actions. I don't think that is useful or accurate. I think it's a dangerous slippery slope.
I don't think 'moral equivalence' is the issue.
I find it impossible to consider the Israeli government as 'moral' when they cold-bloodedly planned and look at the mass slaughter they are creating in Beirut. Similarly for the leaders of Hamas and Hizbullah, as they planned their provocations with their certain knowledge that it will lead to a major war.
Both Hamas/ Hizbullah and the Israeli government are forces that want a war to obstruct any peaceful settlement. And if the interests of peace and a just 2-states settlement are to be pursued it has to be on the understanding that the leaders of both sides will both obstruct and fight against it.
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